SFC is a sustainable
digital currency
powered by a
financial ecosystem

SFC is a DeFi (decentralized finance) platform
that serves as a financial ecosystem for a cryptocurrency
that is accessible to everyone.This next-generation
DeFi-based financial system is free of
and works by adopting Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
as its underlying system,
which facilitates high-speed
transactions at low transaction fees.

SFC is a sustainable digital currency
designed to be close to your daily life
that can be used for shopping,
making everyday payments,
and saving for the future.

FeatureThree features of SFC

For shopping

For shopping

We offer a proprietary shopping website that accepts payment by SFC. At this website, you can purchase a wide variety of products, from daily necessities to hobby goods, with SFC.

For making payments

For making payments

SFC can be used to make payments in stores and restaurants around the world. You can also top up a debit card with SFC and use it as a payment method in exactly the same way as regular debit/credit cards.

For investments and savings

For investments and savings

We offer an investment feature that allows you to constantly grow the amount of SFC you hold simply by depositing it (in the automatic investment system Vault).

Our objectiveThe digital currency that SFC aims to become

1A currency that can be used effectively as a means of value exchange

Our goal is for SFC to become a useful currency in daily life that is both an established payment method and a means of value exchange.

2A currency with a network of locations that facilitate exchange

We will set up the necessary infrastructure that allows everyone who wants SFC to acquire it by ensuring liquidity and listing it on exchanges where it can be purchased.

3A currency that is sustainable

We will build a robust ecosystem with mechanisms that support SFC by preventing its value from skyrocketing or plummeting dramatically in a short period of time and allowing it to be held and used with peace of mind.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

What is DeFi?

An abbreviation of "decentralized finance," DeFi is a next-generation financial system comprising financial applications built on the blockchain that utilize blockchain technology to perform financial transactions in an unmanned manner without the need for financial institutions or intermediaries. By utilizing blockchain technology to eliminate the centralized control of traditional financial services, DeFi creates an environment where anyone can use its services without the hassle of identity verification and credit reviews that were hitherto required.

What is BSC?

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) was developed as the native chain for the cryptocurrency Binance Coin (BNB) issued by Binance, an international cryptocurrency exchange. Its features include its high-speed transactions at low transaction fees. It is also highly interoperable, allowing it to participate in a vast ecosystem that can accommodate countless use cases in the future.

MediaMedia to be published

EcosystemThe SFC Ecosystem

The SFC ecosystem is a cyclical profit-generating system that allows users to save and grow their SFC by depositing and using SFC. By making it more profitable to deposit, use, and save SFC instead of selling SFC, the system effectively curbs the selling pressure on SFC from users. Such a system allows investors to manage their assets with peace of mind.

RoadmapOur original roadmap

  • Listing on DEX
  • Listing on CEX
  • SFC air drop event
  • LP Lock
  • SFC Burn
  • Release of e-commerce features
  • Launch of Single-Vault
  • Launch of LP-Vault
  • Launch of debit card
  • Add Single-Vault currency
  • Add LP-Vault currency pairs
  • Add EC platform locations
  • Wallet support
  • Audit
  • Twitter community
  • Telegram community
  • Participation in exhibitions
  • Official website published
  • Board member announcement
  • Published in CMC
  • Published in CoinGecko
  • Japan marketing start
  • Southeast Asia marketing start
  • China marketing start
  • Middle East marketing start
  • America marketing start
  • Europe marketing start

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